Public Relations

 Director of Public Relations  

Lowndes Education Improvement Foundation

LEIF is a private, third party, non-profit corporation dedicated to using community resources to achieve excellence in Lowndes County Schools. The foundation consists of 10-15 members, plus ex-officio - the Superintendent of Lowndes County Schools or designee and the Chairperson of Lowndes County Board of Education.

The foundation's efforts are concentrated on improving all classroom performance, improving all administrative performance, increasing the quality and quantity of parent participation, and recognition of excellent performance by staff, students, and parents. Our goals focus on:

  1. broadening support constituency for Lowndes County Schools,
  2. improving communication between Lowndes County Schools and public,
  3. breaking down isolation of schools from the community,
  4. building public confidence in schools,
  5. catalyzing initiative for school improvement, and
  6. leveraging community resources on behalf of LCS.

Our efforts and goals are implemented through the programs that we not only fund but also facilitate. These programs are:

  • Teacher Incentive Grants provide teachers with resources to explore new teaching techniques and develop creative classroom projects to enhance student learning. Mini-grants of up to $500 per project are awarded to teachers on a competitive basis. All teachers in LCS are eligible to apply.
  • Motivating, focusing, and promoting student achievement by recognizing high performing students at a banquet in the spring of each school year.
  • Increasing parent's involvement is important to their children's education. LEIF promotes volunteerism, parent-teacher partnerships, and sponsors the Parent University program offered to all parents in February.
  • Scholarships for graduating high school seniors - LEIF serves as the fiscal agent for seven scholarship programs - The Mary Anderson Memorial, the Carlton Jones Memorial, the Corrine Deloach Coleman Memorial, the John Feazell Memorial, and the Burton, Collins and Smith scholarships.
  • Special Projects which are added as needs arise.

These programs could not be possible without funds. LEIF seeks and accepts gifts of cash and negotiable securities, real property, deferred gifts (estate, insurance), and in-kind services.