Human Resources Staff

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Randy Cooper
Mr. Randy Cooper - Director of Human Resources
Department of Labor reporting, Open Records, Employee Relations and Grievances, HB 280 Math and Science Reporting to payroll, and Duties assigned by the Superintendent

Geneasha McFarland
Mrs. Geneasha McFarland - Human Resources Coordinator
TRS instructions, TRS-8 forms contributions, and reporting, Sick leave certification, Employment recommendations, Certifications applications (new, upgrades, and add-on's), Electronic employer assurance forms, New employees salary calculations, Salary schedules, MUNIS payroll entries, Student loan forgiveness forms, EEO5 reporting, DOE certified and classified reporting, and TRS retirement
Lisa Culpepper
Mrs. Lisa Culpepper - Benefits Coordinator
Employee benefits coordination: processing, reconciliations, auditing, systematic recording, and providers account payables, State reporting, and accounts payable: SHBP, TRS, and PSERS, ACA reporting, TRS retirees employer verification, Shared savings, Tax-sheltered annuity processing, and TPA data transmission
Sharen Watkins
Mrs. Sharen Watkins - Administrative Assistant
Worker's Compensation claims, Verification of employment, New Employees and substitutes onboarding process, Verification of sick leave balances for retirement purposes
Teresa Wombles
Mrs. Teresa Wombles - Administrative Assistant
Employee benefits enrollment, Family medical leave, Extended medical leave, Sick leave bank, and Sick leave donation of days, Short and long term disability claims, Life insurance claims, Public schools retirement
Frances Slack
Mrs. Frances Slack - Administrative Assistant
Human Resources software application management (Frontline Recruiting and Hiring, Frontline Absence Management, Frontline Time and Attendance, and Yellow Folder), Social media platforms job posting management, H.R. department web page management, H.R. technology-related research, and processes development improvement initiatives
Brittany Curtis 
Mrs. Brittany Curtis - Assistant to Human Resources
Contracts, Salary information, and addendums, New employee onboarding/new hire paperwork, Certification applications, Paraprofessional licenses and renewals, Long term substitutes, Student teachers and observers, Volunteers, and chaperones processings