December S.A.F.E. Award Winners

December S.A.F.E. Award Winners
Posted on 01/05/2021
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Congratulations to the December S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness For Everyone) Award Winners with Lowndes County Schools! The December winners are Casper Gorham (Slim), (Custodial Department) and Teresa May (School Nutrition Department) with Lowndes High School (LHS). These dedicated employees were selected for this award for making safety their #1 priority! Each winner received a $50 gift and will be re-entered for a $100 drawing at the end of the school year. Valdosta Insurance Services sponsor this award.


Mr. Casper Gorham (Slim), a custodian of Lowndes High School, is a recipient of the SAFE Award. Mr. Gorham, who has 21 years of service to Lowndes High School and the Lowndes County School District, performs a number of custodial duties both inside and outside of the school setting. With the new guidelines and changes implemented inside the school, Mr. Gorham has practiced a high level of safety in an effort to keep all students, staff, and stakeholders’ safe while at Lowndes High School. More importantly, Mr. Gorham practices all of the Covid-19 Guidelines by: wearing his mask daily, cleaning and sanitizing cafeteria tables between lunch to mitigate the spread of germs, immediately cleaning spills and posting wet floor signs, removing hazardous equipment that may cause accidents, and ensuring the safety for all by making sure all interior and exterior doors are safe, locked, and secure throughout the school day. These are a few of the many examples that highlight the SAFE Award Recipient, Mr. Casper Gorham.


Mrs. Teresa May is the Lowndes High School nutrition manager and her responsibilities include managing cafeteria staff while also making sure those students, staff, and stakeholders are presented a wholesome and balanced lunch and breakfast while at Lowndes High School. To ensure safety in the cafeteria, Mrs. May, along with her team, have made necessary accommodations and adjustments to meet the Covid-19 guidelines. She leads the way by ensuring that both she and her staff are properly wearing gloves & masks when handling food, practicing social distancing when necessary while preparing, serving, and cleaning after meals while in the kitchen.  Ensuring that safety is paramount and practicing it daily while working in the Lowndes High School cafeteria and nutrition program is what makes Mrs. Teresa May the SAFE Award Recipient.