S.A.F.E. Award Winners

S.A.F.E Award Winners
Posted on 09/23/2020
Wes Taylor and Aaron Askew and Amy CowartCongratulations to the September S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness For Everyone) Award Winners with Lowndes County Schools! The September winners are Aaron Askew (Custodial Department) and Amy Cowart (School Nutrition Department) with Westside Elementary School (WES). These dedicated employees were selected for this award for making safety their #1 priority! Each winner received a $50 gift and will be re-entered for a $100 drawing at the end of the school year. Valdosta Insurance Services sponsor this award.

Beth Lind, Principal at Westside Elementary School said, “Aaron Askew is very aware of keeping the hallways cleared and clean to minimize any chance of someone slipping in a spill. He genuinely cares about everyone. Aron is described as a great custodian and a true gentleman. He goes above and beyond to help the faculty and staff at Westside. Aron stays busy all day keeping our school safe and clean. Germs and dirt do not have a chance around him. The most accurate way to describe this man is to call him what he is to WES, our Guardian Angel. He appears from out of nowhere at just the right time to help us. He is a blessing and a treasure for our school family. Aaron is known for placing safety first and having a positive attitude. He treats everyone on our hallway with kindness and respect. We feel like he is family and we are thankful for him.

Amy Cowart has a wonderful attitude. She continuously makes the safety of students and staff her top priority. She makes sure the students sanitize their hands before they enter the cafeteria line. Amy is a great leader for the ladies working with her. She trains her team about the importance of safety rules regarding the physical aspects of staying safe from falling or being burned along with another safety issue that she takes very seriously. She takes her responsibility to keep students, faculty and staff safe to heart. Principal, Beth Lind, said, “Amy is happy and helpful and always focused on providing great meals for our students and faculty. She never lets her focus on safety slide. Amy works alongside her workers and models the high expectations she expects from them. The kitchen is immaculate and Amy takes the time to know the students and the staff and looks out for all who have allergies.